• Client: Wrangell Cooperative Association
  • Date: Aug 2019
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In the summer of 2019, nearly 500 Wrangell residents participated in a community economic development and health care prioritization survey on behalf of the Wrangell Cooperative Association (WCA). The survey findings presented in this report will drive the content and direction of the Comprehensive Action Plan, currently being prepared by the WCA.

Health Care: There is an especially a high demand for more substance abuse and drug treatment services in the community, according to the survey. The community also wants more recreation opportunities for Wrangell’s youth.

Economic Development: The top three economic development related needs in the community include 1) repairing aging infrastructure, 2) training high school students in the maritime trades, and 3) developing the Institute Property for housing and mixed-use neighborhoods.

Tourism: Among the 15 elements of the tourism industry presented to survey respondents, community members would most like to have more Alaska Native dancing and story telling for visitors. The second highest tourism related priority is the creation of Gateway Park, a proposed concept to move existing freight services from downtown Wrangell to the Old Mill site and create a park with small businesses in its place for visitors and locals. Wrangell residents have little interest in making the community into a destination for sports fishing or large cruise ship visitation.

Environment: The primary environmental concern in the community is securing continued access to safe drinking water, followed by taking additional measures to adequately address drought impacts in Wrangell.

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