Harborview Elementary School is Diverse

This memo was originally prepared for the Harborview Site Coucil. We wanted to understand how the demographics of the adjacently located Montessori elementary school differed from Harborview; and how to better interpret the recent Peaks standardized test. The analysis combines both of these objectives into several graphs.


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43 Reasons You Should Never Visit Southeast Alaska

1. Southeast Alaska? It’s not very nice.


Tracy Arm. Photo by Rain Coast Data.



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Juneau's best elementary school is ...

I have mixed feelings about standardized testing. As a mom, I dislike that my children’s teachers are required to teach to the test instead of spending time instilling in them a love of learning. As a data junkie, however, I adore them. The sheer volume of spreadsheets and ways to compare schools, communities and states is nothing less than exhilarating.


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2013 broke records, 2014 won't

In 2013, the Southeast Alaska economy, which had been in an expansion phase for the previous five years, stopped growing. Both the population and the number of workers in the region grew by a mere 19 people, which is akin to no growth at all. Total wages grew by just 2 percent, and economic trends statewide were nearly identical.


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Juneau’s Child Care Shortage is an Economic Development Barrier

In Juneau, there are nearly 2,500 kids under six, but despite the fact that most parents in our town cannot afford to stay at home, there are only 519 licensed child care slots. This shortage impacts local businesses as well as families, and acts as an economic development barrier for the community as a whole.


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In Juneau, electricity is inexpensive

Gold was not the only thing extracted from Gold Creek when Juneau became a mining town in the late 1800’s. In 1893, an electric generator attached to a water wheel was placed in Gold Creek, thus marking the beginnings of Alaska Electric Light & Power.


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The heart of the Southeast Alaska economy is its ocean

Despite the fact that Southeast Alaska is 35,000 square miles, we don’t have much in the way of land here. Of that total, only 0.3 percent is owned by communities and private landowners — just 1/3 of one percent. The federal government owns 95 percent of our land base, while the rest is owned by a combination of the State of Alaska and Alaska Native Corporations. But, in addition to the land, there has always been the ocean.


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This round is on me: A tribute to Joe on the 132nd anniversary of our town name

Tomorrow, Dec. 14, 2013 is Juneau’s naming day, or more specifically the 132nd anniversary of the day Juneau became “Juneau.” It is an unlikely story at best.


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Juneau's biggest economic problem is also its oldest

The number one economic development problem in our community is also our oldest problem. Community concern that a lack of buildable land for housing in Juneau would impede the ability of the community to grow and prosper was first mentioned by Miner Bruce in 1895. Bruce wrote: “Juneau is rightly called the metropolis. Whether she will retain this prestige remains to be seen. If so, one of two things must occur.

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